Bringing the local
perspective to the
G20 agenda

By facilitating discussions between countries and cities from the G20, the Urban 20 (U20) establishes a platform for cities to collectively inform G20 negotiations.

An urban world

The world is more urban than ever. Today, more than half of the global population lives in cities, and it is estimated that cities will host two-thirds of all people by 2050. Cities also consume over 75% of the world’s energy, generate 75% of related emissions, and they are experiencing the impacts of climate change first-hand.

The U20 2023 Cycle Will Be Chaired
by the City of Ahmedabad

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Global processes need to include cities

Effective global action on issues ranging from the climate emergency, addressing inequality and sustainable economic development requires productive dialogue between the national and the local levels of government. The U20 was launched in 2017 under the leadership of Mayor Larreta of Buenos Aires and Mayor Hidalgo of Paris to bring together mayors from major G20 cities to inform the discussions of national leaders at the G20. The U20 in this sense aims at facilitating lasting engagement between the G20 and cities, raise the profile of urban issues in the G20 agenda, and establish a forum for cities to develop a collective message and perspective to inform G20 negotiations. Prior U20 summits include:

2022 – Jakarta

U20 2021 logo

2021 – Rome-Milan

 2020 – Riyadh

2019 – Tokyo

2018 – Buenos Aires

Cities’ voices
are being

The U20 Communiqué

The main outcome document of the U20 initiative is the U20 communiqué, a written action-oriented document that includes U20 participating cities’ asks and recommendations to national governments handed over to the G20 before the annual G20 Summit.

Please find the main calls from each U20 communiqué within our U20 Editions page.